Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Life Skills Curriculum

Last week the children went to the post office to learn where a letter goes once you have addressed the envelope. They met the post man, and had a special visit to the sorting station at the Kelvedon Post Office.

The children wrote a letter of thanks to Witham Library. They then paid for a stamp, posted the letter and saw how the letters are sorted and transported.

Special thanks go to the staff at Kelvedon Post Office who took additional time out of their day to teach our children about the job that they do. 
We weighed our post and then paid for the right stamp. We counted out the right money for the lady behind the counter. 
Making sure the address is on the post is very important.
Buying the right stamp helps to make sure the letter gets to the destination. 
We looked around 'behind the scenes' and saw where all our local letters get sorted in Kelvedon.
We met the postman who delivers all the mail to the right people. He showed us how it all works!

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