Monday, 20 July 2015

Life Skills - paying and counting change

Today the children we to the sandwich shop and ordered their lunch. They asked for the bill and paid for their own sandwiches.

The children used maths skills, reading, counting, speaking and listening, social skills and knife and fork skills. These are all things that we have been using within the classroom and were able to put into practice in the shop today.

A special thank you to the staff at Kelvedon Sandwich Bar who made the children incredibly welcome.

We used our cutting skills, using a knife and fork.
We had a lovely time.
We read the menu so we knew what they shop sold. 
We made our choices and spoke to the staff to place our order.

We paid for our lunch.
The staff even treated us to a cake on the house! 
We waited our turn in the queue to ask for the bill. 
We had a great time! 

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